1  - will be rich
    4  - will be financially independent
    5  - will still be working
    12 - will be broke
    29 - will be dead
    49 - will be dependent on family, friends or charity


Research in the UK and USA suggests that only 5% of their citizens are saving sufficiently for their future.

If one looks at any group of 100 people who are now aged 25 years, in 40 years time when they reach retirement, the situation will look as outlined below:
The average time spent in retirement is over 20 years; therefore, a substantial sum needs to be accrued in order to provide an income for this length of time. At age 30, one will have 360 pay days left until retirement at age 60. However, at age 50, this number drops to 120 pay days.

Our clients have realised that the younger they are when they start to save for their retirement, the less they will need to save on a monthly basis. We at FinLuca International assist them in administering their retirement and pension strategies.
Retirement Savings
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